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  • Historical Maps

    Historical Maps

    A collection of historical maps covering the Bosnian (and Herzegovinian) history from its beginning to our days. The following is a list of maps published in various historical atlases.
  • Serb held concentration camps

    Serb held concentration camps

    Multimedia map covering locations of the Serb held concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • Croat held concentration camps

    Croat held concentration camps

    Multimedia map covering locations of the Croat held concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Medieval II Total War - Kingdom of Bosnia Mod

Early History

Stećci - Bosnian monumental medieval tombstones

Stećci are monumental medieval tombstones that lie scattered across the landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are the country's most legendary symbol. These are the tombstones of those who lived between the

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Bosnia to 1180

Racial history is the bane of the Balkans as anyone who has lived or travelled in this part of Europe will know, there is no such ting as a racially homogeneous province there, let alone a racially

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Ottoman Rule 1463-1606

The Kingdom of Bosnia was conquered with great speed by the Turkish army in the early summer of 1463. From then on the heart lands of the old Banate of Bosnia, together with the foothold which the Turks had already

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Modern History

Occupation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Following the new secret negotiations between Slobodan Milosevic and Franjo Tudjman about the division and destruction of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its collaborationist formations

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List of Croatian war criminals

Following is a comprehensive list of convicted war criminals (Croats) as according to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), The Department I (Special Department for War

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Foreign Mercenaries

Given the shortage of manpower on the front line, the Greater Serbia aggressor and its collaborationists had brought in and involved foreign mercenaries (foreign nationals) into combat activity, too. Based on the data

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The ICTY accepted that the market place in Zenica was shelled by HVO on April 19 1993 from the village of Puticevo, 15 kilometres from Zenica, killing 15 people and injuring another 50. The shells landed in three groups of two, at 12:10 p.m., 12:24 p.m. and 12:29 p.m. Two pieces of artillery were used: D-30 J Howitzers which are hand-loaded and which have a slow rate of fire. It was a professional piece of artillery work with the fire being adjusted by an observer. Two Danish members of the ECMM, visited the scene shortly after the shelling and took photographs. These photographs show scenes of devastation in the market area, bodies lying on the ground, destroyed cars, a demolished bus shelter and damaged buildings. Croats blamed Serbs for the massacre, but ICTY discarded such claims during Dario Kordic trial.[38]


1. "ICTY: Kordic and Cerkez verdict - C. The April 1993 Conflagration in Vitez and the Lašva Valley - 9. The Shelling of Zenica". [38]

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