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  • Historical Maps

    Historical Maps

    A collection of historical maps covering the Bosnian (and Herzegovinian) history from its beginning to our days. The following is a list of maps published in various historical atlases.
  • Serb held concentration camps

    Serb held concentration camps

    Multimedia map covering locations of the Serb held concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • Croat held concentration camps

    Croat held concentration camps

    Multimedia map covering locations of the Croat held concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Medieval II Total War - Kingdom of Bosnia Mod

Early History

Bosnia to 1180

Racial history is the bane of the Balkans as anyone who has lived or travelled in this part of Europe will know, there is no such ting as a racially homogeneous province there, let alone a racially

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Conversion to Islam in the Balkans

The conquest of the Balkans was accomplished in the space of little more than a century and in two stages—1352 to 1402 and 1415 to 1467. The main reason for the relatively faster pace of the conquest of this region,

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The Medieval Bosnia 1180-1463

The history of Bosnia in the high middle ages is frequently confused and confusing. But three powerful rulers stand out: Ban Kulin (who ruled from 1180 to 1204), Ban Stephen Kotromanić (1322-1353) and King Stephen

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Modern History

Srebrenica - A Cry from the Grave

Srebrenica, Bosnia, the world's first United Nations Safe Area, was the site of the worst case of genocide in Europe since World War II. In July 1995, the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of the

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Dispatches report: Greater Croatia

A report on how the hard-line Croatian government helped mastermind the break-up of Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to create a new Croatian mini-state and how the international community let it get away with it.

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"Because of much manipulation, lying, fabrication about how many soldiers died in Dobrovoljačka Street, it's time to say exactly how many died, and only I can do that. In the Dobrovoljačka Street, they attacked

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This documentary was made by Ingeborg Beugel, and proves the involvement of Greece in the Srebrenica-massacre and the Yugoslav-war. In the film Ms. Beugel has an encounter with Mr.Alexandros Lykourezos, former conservative MP and hotshot lawyer in Athens. He openly states that he denies the fact that more than 7000 men and boys (and women and children) have been slaughtered in Srebrenica. At the time he used his personal friendship with Milosevic and Karadzic in his electoral campaign to become an MP. Despite all this, mr. Lykourezos was recently invited by the renowned Woodrow Wilson Institute to be the Chairman of an important event on the 15th of May in Athens. This has led to the indignation of many, amongst whom Bert Bakker, Former Chairman of the parliamentary investigative committee on Srebrenica in the Netherlands. He, and many other concerned prominent people, have written letters to the Woodrow Wilson Institute to strongly insist on cancelling mr. Lykourezos' invitation. But to no avail. Mr. Lykourezos proceeded to be Chairman of the event and all the protest letters where ignored. The involvement of Greek banks and citizens in the financing of Milosovic' regime has been proved. The Greeks were found guilty of smuggling wapons and oil during the UN-embargo, and Greek citizens were active as mercenaries in Srebrenica. Until this day, the Greek government refuses to investigate the involvement of Greek citizens and institutions in the war in former Yugoslavia.

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