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Occupation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

... Brigade; 116th Brigade; 117th Brigade; 118th Brigade; 119th Brigade, 120th Brigade; 123rd Brigade; 126th Brigade; 127th Brigade; 128th Brigade; 139th Brigade; 140th Brigade; 141st Brigade; 145th Brigade; ...

Islamic Declaration

... me colleagues, founded the SD A (Party for Democratic Action) in 1990.[29] At its inaugural meeting on 27th March 1990 the founding declaration of the SDA stated that "The Party of Democratic Act ...

The Government of the Republic of Serbia -vs- Ejup Ganić

... because of concerns. He was a prosecutor in the case of Jurisic in which the defendant was convicted and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment based upon an agreement made on 27th April 1992. The witness ...
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