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Realization of the RAM Plan

... stated: “ According to the information coming from several sources, and the Greek one is completely reliable, the Croats have opted to increase the tensions with the JNA, in order to use the increased ...

Unholy Alliance: Greece and Milošević´s Serbia

...  the “brave Serbs” expressed in Athens, Salonika, Larissa, and many other Greek cities. This was a fight between us (the Orthodox commonwealth) and them (Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, and the West),an ...

The <span class="highlight">Greek</span> Way&#160;...

This documentary was made by Ingeborg Beugel, and proves the involvement of Greece in the Srebrenica-massacre and the Yugoslav-war. In the film Ms. Beugel has an encounter with Mr.Alexandros

Unholy Alliance: Greece and Milošević´s Serbia

The Bosnian Serb "capital" of Pale was not the only place where the fall of Srebrenica in July, 1995, was greeted with joy and jubilation. More subdued, yet hardly dissimilar, were the proud feelings ...
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