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The Revival and Escalation of the Greater Serbia

... relation to this, they concluded that “one can not imagine a worse historical defeat than the one suffered by the Serbs in Yugoslavia“, “so that the solution of the Serbian issue imposes itself as a ...

Realization of the RAM Plan

... to the ethnic and historical ones, which could not be understood by the blinded nationalists ” (Ibid., p. 232). 137. B. Jovic, the aforementioned work, p. 368. “ The immediate, absolute and unconditional ...

Chronology of events 1985 to 1995

... its ethnic and historical (now possible) borders’. 16 Nov.  Croatian Navy and coastal artillery damage or sink some Yugoslav Navy ships around central Dalmatian islands and Pelješac peninsula. 17 Nov.  ...

Karađorđevo and Graz meetings/negotiations

... The Turks had incorporated a major part of Croatia into Bosnia. In addition, historically, Bosnia and Herzegovina is linked to Croatia and they jointly make an indivisible geographical and economic unit. ...
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