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The Medieval Bosnia 1180-1463

... King Stephen Tvrtko I 1353-1391). Under the second of these, Bosnia expanded to include the principality of Hum (what is today known as Herzegovina); and under the third it expanded further to the ...

Bosnian Royal Family Kotromanic

Ban Stijepan Kotroman
Ban Stephen Kotroman
Reign: 1287–1299
Banica Elizabeta
Elizabeth of Bosnia
1340 – 1387
Kralj Tvrtko I
King Stephen Tvrtko I
Reign: 1353 - 1391
Kralj Dabisa
King Stephen Dabiša
Reign: 1391 - 1395
Kraljica Jelena Mara Gruba
Queen Helena the Coarse
Reign: 1395 - 1398
Kralj Ostoja
King Stephen Ostoja
Reign: 1398-1404 & 1409-1418
Kralj Tvrtko II
King Stephen Tvrtko II
Reign: 1404–1409 & 1421–1443
Kralj Ostojic
King Stephen Ostojić
Reign: 1418–1421
Kralj Tomas
King Stephen Thomas
Reign: 1443–1461
Kraljica Katarina
Queen Katarina Kosača
Reign: 1446-1461
Kralj Stijepan Tomasevic
King Stjepan Tomašević
Reign: 1461–1463
Princeza Marija
Princess Mary Kotromanić
Princeza Katarina
Princess Katarina
Princeza Elizabeta
Princes Elisabeth
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