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Stećci - Bosnian monumental medieval tombstones

...  the 11th and 15th centuries and refused to swear allegiance to any kingdom but their own or to be swayed by any influence. Instead they stayed true to themselves and to what they could find only withi ...

Bosnian Royal Family Kotromanic

Ban Stijepan Kotroman
Ban Stephen Kotroman
Reign: 1287–1299
Banica Elizabeta
Elizabeth of Bosnia
1340 – 1387
Kralj Tvrtko I
King Stephen Tvrtko I
Reign: 1353 - 1391
Kralj Dabisa
King Stephen Dabiša
Reign: 1391 - 1395
Kraljica Jelena Mara Gruba
Queen Helena the Coarse
Reign: 1395 - 1398
Kralj Ostoja
King Stephen Ostoja
Reign: 1398-1404 & 1409-1418
Kralj Tvrtko II
King Stephen Tvrtko II
Reign: 1404–1409 & 1421–1443
Kralj Ostojic
King Stephen Ostojić
Reign: 1418–1421
Kralj Tomas
King Stephen Thomas
Reign: 1443–1461
Kraljica Katarina
Queen Katarina Kosača
Reign: 1446-1461
Kralj Stijepan Tomasevic
King Stjepan Tomašević
Reign: 1461–1463
Princeza Marija
Princess Mary Kotromanić
Princeza Katarina
Princess Katarina
Princeza Elizabeta
Princes Elisabeth
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