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The Medieval <span class="highlight">Bosnia</span> 1180-1463

...  a dominant neighboring country under whose rule was Croatia but not Bosnia.
The map of Balkan and Europe

The map of Balkan and Europe

In the 13th and early 14th century Serbian Kingdom also grew in ...

<span class="highlight">Bosnia</span> to 1180

... es have established kingdoms in central Europe: ‘White Croatia’, which covered the part of the modern southern Poland, and ‘White Serbia’ in the modern Czech lands. It was from then that they have came ...

The Revival and Escalation of the Greater Serbia

... fulfil their wartime goals, established as early as in the 19th century (“All Serbs in one State”).[1] The disruption of the strongly privileged position of the Serbs in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia had ...

The Government of the Republic of Serbia -vs- Ejup Ganić

... would constitute an extra territorial offence under the law of the relevant part of the United Kingdom punishable with imprisonment or another form of detention for a term of 12 months or a greater punishment. ...

Conversion to Islam in the Balkans

... a number of small kingdoms and independent rulers. The Byzantine state held only some territories in Thrace, Thessaly and Macedonia. Catalan mercenaries also operated independently in Thrace, while the ...

Ottoman Rule 1463-1606

The Kingdom of Bosnia was conquered with great speed by the Turkish army in the early summer of 1463. From then on the heart lands of the old Banate of Bosnia, together with the foothold which the Turks ...
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