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Republic of Croatia illegal arming of the Croat terrorists

... with precision. The main delivery of ammunition went from Ploce, directly towards Mostar, “on the very same night when ordered”. General Vinko Martinovic also received from Janko Bobetko “not only the ...

Occupation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

... Milivoj Petkovic, Colonel; Jure Zadro, Lieutenant; Dzevad Saric, Captain; Petar Martinovic, Lieutenant; Andjelko Juricic, Sergeant; Bozo Zovko, Sergeant; Bruno Stojic, a civilian; Zarko Keza, captain; ...

List of Croatian war criminals

...  Naletilić, Mladen Croatian Defence Council 20 Years imprisonment for war crimes Martinović, Vinko Croatian Defence Council 18 ...

War in Herzegovina

...  According to ICTY judgment in Naletilić-Martinović case Croat forces attacked the villages of Sovici and Doljani, about 50 kilometers north of Mostar in the morning on April 17, 1993. The attack was ...

War in Herzegovina

The Croatian Community of Herzeg-Bosnia took control of many municipal governments and services in Herzegovina as well, removing or marginalising local Bosniak leaders. Herzeg-Bosnia took control of
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