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1st Corps - <span class="highlight">Sarajevo</span>&#160;...

101 brdska brigada 1
101 motorizovana brigada 1
101 motorizovana brigada sarajevo 1
109 brdska brigada 3 bataljon brijesnica 1
109 brdska brigada vojna policija specijalne jedinice 1
110 slavna brdska olovska brigada 2bb bolo 1
121 motorizovana brigada 1
123 lahka brigada 2 lahke pjesadijske cete seki kiseljak 1
123 lahka brigada 2 manevarska ceta 1
126 brdska brigada 1
12 divizij 143 lahka brigada 1
14 brigada plavi grom sarajevo 1
167 brdska brigada 1
167 slavna motorizovana brigada 1
17 muslimanska brigada 1
1 bataljon vojne policije 1
1 inzinjerski bataljon 1
1 korpus 1
1 korpus 1 ssb sokolacke cobre 1
1 korpus 2
1 korpus 3
1 korpus 3 m
1 logistika bataljon 1
1 motorizovana brigada sarajevo 1
1 oklopni artiljerijski divizion 1
1 oklopni bataljon 1
1 olovska slavna brigada 1
1 olovska slavna brigada 2
1 slavna olovska brdska brigada 3 bataljon 1
2 brdska brigada 2 brdski bataljon 1
2 motorizovana brigada viteska 1
2 motorizovani bataljon 1
304 brdska brigada 1
304 brdska brigada 2
304 brdska brigada 3
4 motorizovama brigada diverzantski odred fikro hrasnica 1
4 motorizovana brigada 1
4 motorizovana brigada hrasnica 1
4 motorizovana brigada izvidacka ceta 1
4 motorizovana brigada vojna policija 1
5 motorizovana brigada dobrinja 1
5 motorizovana brigada dobrinja 2
5 motorizovana brigada dobrinja 3
9 brdska brigada 1 bataljon 1
9 brdska brigada 2 bataljon 1
9 brdska brigada 3 bataljon 1
9 brdska brigada 4 bataljon koscan 1
ceta vojne policije 1
hvo brigada kralj tvrtko 1
hvo brigada kralj tvrtko 2
hvo brigada kralj tvrtko 3
hvo brigada kralj tvrtko 4
idj osvetnici tarcin 1
izvidacko diverzantska ceta 3 motorizovana brigada 1
odred centar sarajevo 1
prva istocnohercegovacka brigada 1
red scorpions sarajevo 1
red scorpions sarajevo 2
tufina ceta visoko 1
vojna bolnica dobrinja 1

The Revival and Escalation of the Greater Serbia

... Cekic, AGRESIJA NA BOSNU I GENOCID NAD BOSNJACIMA 1991.- 1993., Sarajevo 1994, p. 26; V. Zarkovic, NACIONALIZAM I SLOM JUGOSLAVIJE, in: STVARANJE I RAZARANJE JUGOSLAVIJE, Compilation of Works from the ...

Republic of Croatia illegal arming of the Croat terrorists

... fond in Zagreb (40 — 60 m2), “since we have at our disposal certain reserves of companies (Coalmines and Steelworks Vares, Spare Part Factory TRD Vares, Facility RO ZRAK Sarajevo in Pajtin Han, etc.)…” ...

Occupation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

... NI I HERCEGOVINI 1991-1995, hereinafter referred to as: RAT…, edited by Branka Magas and Ivo Zanic, Zagreb — Sarajevo 1999, p. 135). 19. AIIZ, inv. No. 2-1680, Command of the OZ Split, IZM Ploce, cl ...

Greater Croatia - Joint criminal enterprise (JCE)

... the Act of Incorporation of the HDZ of BiH brought in Sarajevo, on August 18, 1990)”. In offering the answer to the question “how did the leadership structure of the HDZ BiH and the HZ HB understand and ...

Yugoslav People's Army illegal arming of the Serb terrorists

... with major quantities of JNA weapons for the same purposes.[13] On November 21, 1991, near the Old Station at Bistrik, the employees of the Police Precinct of the Stari Grad Municipality of Sarajevo ...

Islamic Declaration

... ality for all nationalities."[32] By the time the war broke out, when Serb bombardment of Sarajevo had begun and Serb ethnic cleansing of Eastern Bosnian Muslims was already underway, Izetbeg ...

Bosnian grammar

...  at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, and the lead of the development of Bosnian and Herzegovinian linguistic atlas at the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Download fo ...

Foreign Mercenaries

... too, arrested during the aggressor’s attack on the Sarajevo residential area of Stup. [5] The aggressor was continually bringing in permanent contingents of foreign mercenaries onto the Bosnian-Herzegovinian ...

Realization of the RAM Plan

... level of secrecy from this period, and later, cannot confirm this. That is, they confirm differently. After the signing of the agreement for unconditional ceasefire in Sarajevo on January 2, 1992, between ...

RAM Plan

... Staff of the Armed Forces of the SFRY, published by Zoran Odic on October 2, 1991 in the daily Oslobodjenje, in Sarajevo, plan RAM was drafted in February 1991, with the ultimate goal of forming Greater ...

Chronology of events 1985 to 1995

... republic Territorial Defence (TO), aimed in fact at Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, excepting municipalities with Serb majority. 26 May.  Party of Democratic Action (SDA) founded in Sarajevo; ...

Unholy Alliance: Greece and Milošević´s Serbia

... g of Sarajevo or the Serb atrocities in Srebrenica, Foca, Zvornik, or anywhere else for that matter. Whereas many public events were organized in solidarity with the suffering Serbs, not a single publ ...

List of Serb war criminals

... ce Command 20 Years imprisonment for war crimes Dragić, Slobodan Army of the Republika Srpska 5 Years imprisonment for war crimes Admitted his guilt Sarajevo, Ilidđa, Grbavi ...

The Government of the Republic of Serbia -vs- Ejup Ganić

... this aspect it is not for me to consider the consequences which would flow from this decision but it is in my view entirely clear that the events in Sarajevo on the 2nd and 3rd May 1992 and in the weeks ...

Karađorđevo and Graz meetings/negotiations

... about the options for the establishment of peace (the agreed truce was signed in Sarajevo, on January 2, 1992) between Croats and Serbs, Tudjman stated that this “ can be accomplished so that the national ...

2. - 3. May 1992

"Bosnia or Death" is an untold story of 2nd and 3rd May 1992, the historic days of crucial importance for the defense of the city of Sarajevo and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These fateful event ...

Lašva Valley ethnic cleansing

... is plan. [59] According to the Sarajevo-based Research and Documentation Center (IDC), around 2,000 Bosniaks from the Lašva Valley are missing or were killed during this period.[60] Reference ...
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