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Occupation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

... when it used to be a victim of the Greater Serbia aggression. a) Covert Aggression (November 1991 — January 1993) With establishment of the collaborationist Croatian Community of Herzeg-Bosnia (November ...

Chronology of events 1985 to 1995

1985 23 May.  Assembly of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) adopts decision to draw up a study ‘of current social issues’, the future SANU Memorandum. 1986 2 Sept.  Zagreb newspaper ...

War in Herzegovina

... media and imposed Croatian ideas and propaganda. Croatian symbols and currency were introduced, and Croatian curricula and the Croatian language were introduced in schools. Many Bosniaks and Serbs were ...

Short Chronology of the Bosniak-Croat war

... Croat majority population and 17 municipalities with Bosnian Serb majority population. 18. November 1991. The extreme elements of the HDZBiH, led by Mate Boban and Dario Kordić later convicted by ICTY ...
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