Remembering Srebrenica - 25 Years Aniversery

A report on how the hard-line Croatian government helped mastermind the break-up of Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to create a new Croatian mini-state and how the international community let it get away with it. Those taking part include: Pero Marković (Mayor of Caplijina), Sklaven Letica & Dušan Bilandžić (advisers to president Tuđman, 1990-1991), Gojko Šušak (Croatian Defence Minister), Stjepan Kljuić (leader, Bosnian Croats 1991-1992), Lord Owen, Mate Boban (President, Herceg Bosna), Ivan Negovetic (Commander, Bosnian Army), Jadranko Prlić (Prime Minister, Herceg Bosna), Jasna Dulić (Mostar muslim), Suleiman Dudaković (Master Commander, Bosnian Army), Ivan Tomislav (Sarajevo croat) and Vinko Pulicć (Archbishop od Sarajevo).


Director: GILES, Belinda
Production Company: Soul Purpose Productions
Producer: GILES, Belinda
Narrator: DAVIES, Deborah

Tags: Croatian aggression, Greater Croatia, Herceg-Bosna

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