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Israel has never accepted that the crime in Srebrenica be called genocide, Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Jahel Vilan stated. Vilan, in an interview for Sputnik, said that significant and important authorities and historians such as Efraim Zuroff, Yehuda Bauer, or Gideon Greif should be trusted on this matter.

"I'm not saying that the Holocaust is the only genocide; there have been other genocides around the world. But when you call Srebrenica genocide, in my opinion, it diminishes the importance of that term, which I believe should only be used for genocides. Israel was also called to The Hague for alleged genocide in Gaza. For me, Srebrenica should not be called genocide," Vilan pointed out.


1. Sputnik Srbija (April 26, 2024)

Tags: Genocide, Serbian agression, Srebrenica, Genocide deniers, Yahel Vilan, Israel

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