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The "Genocide Papers" project was financed directly from the budget of the Srebrenica Memorial Center, without the support of external donors, and we are proud that most of the project implementation relies on the internal capacities of our institution. The project will submit this application to universities and civil society organizations in the region, but also to the media. We are open for cooperation with researchers, journalists and all individuals, groups and organizations that are interested in using these materials in order to raise public awareness about the content and activities of the so-called National Assembly of the Republika Srpska in the period from 1991 to 1996.

The platform will be launched online in the coming period, and the goal is to further expand it in the future, through the inclusion of new transcripts, decisions and documents of various institutions relevant and related to planning and organizing genocidal operations and other war crimes during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995.

Below we bring you only some of the notes from the sessions of the NARS during the war, which reveal the shocking details of the debates of the deputies of this body, which has been active since the end of 1991.

"The Assembly passes a Decision on the remaining of the Serb people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the common state of Yugoslavia, confirmed at the plebiscite of the Serb people and that it entered into force, and a decision is adopted according to which the municipalities, local communities and settlements where the plebiscite was held together with the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Montenegro, the SAO Krajina, the SAO Slavonia and Baranja and Western Srem, are considered the territory of the Federal State of Yugoslavia. ”(Recordings of the Assembly, November 21, 1991)

"Starting from the constitutional role of the JNA, the Assembly of the Serb People in Bosnia and Herzegovina rightly expects and calls on the Yugoslav People's Army to, in case of endangerment of the Serb territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Serb people, as well as other peoples living in those territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina from anyone and from any side, provide all necessary protection in the defense of human lives and their property. "(Momcilo Krajisnik, December 11, 1991)

"I am convinced that December 21, 1991 will be the beginning of a revolt against Dahi." (Rajko Dukić, December 21, 1991)

"The Decision on the strategic goals of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is adopted, according to which the priorities of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are: state demarcation with the other two national communities; corridor (connection of territory) between Semberija and Krajina; establishing a corridor in the Drina river valley, eliminating the Drina as a border between Serbian states; establishing borders on the rivers Una and Neretva; the division of the city of Sarajevo into Serb and Muslim parts and the establishment in each of the parts of an effective state government; exit of the Republika Srpska to the sea. "(Recordings of the Assembly, May 12, 1992)

"Therefore, we cannot cleanse nor can we have a solution to beg only for Serbs to remain or for Serbs to fail and for the others to leave. Well, that's not it, I don't know how Mr. Krajisnik and Mr. Karadzic will explain to the world. It is a genocide. ”(Ratko Mladić, May 1992)

"Well, gentlemen, we can now decide and take the position that Muslims as a people are a communist creation. We do not accept that artificial nation. We consider Muslims to be a sect, group or group, of Turkish provenance. Is there anyone else to add? None. I put all these conclusions to the vote. Who is for? Does anyone mind? Restrained? Gentlemen, thank you, we adopted the conclusions unanimously. "(Momcilo Krajisnik, January 8, 1993)

"We don't need anyone who betrayed us anymore. They are Mohammedans of Turkish provenance and nothing else. They are not even true members of Islam, because they are more of a sect than true members of Islam. And a Muslim is as a member of Islam. They are a kind of lower category. However, the President of the Assembly is right, they are a sect. And let's not make them Serbian, please. ”(Savo Knežević, January 8, 1993)

"And the next gathering of the Serbian municipality, when it is, I suggest that we expel the Muslim people as a people. No European country, no nation in the world would recognize them. And we need Bosnia either maximalistically. It is not maximalist, it is realistic, it is historical, it is a Serbian country. ”(Vojo Kuprešanin, September 8, 1993)

"I come from the people who think that only in some future period we will have a bigger fight and more torment with these Muslims, Turks, Islam. That is why we have nothing to wait for but to definitely decide this time in the interest of our future generations, to know what the Serbian state is and what theirs is, to draw that border beyond which history must change. ”(Savo Knezevic, January 17, 1994 .)

"They clearly told us at cocktails and lunches that it is gentlemen because we do not want to accept the existence of an Islamic state in Europe, which means that we were sacrificed so that there would not be that state, but because it would be mixed, which would say and we spend the lives of our generations on the neutralization of Islam, and for Europe to be a community of happy Christian nations while we guard its walls ... ”(Radovan Karadžić, February 13, 1995)

"And what I resent about the President of the Republic is great democracy and humanity in war, humanism alone." (Dragan Đurić, May 23, 1995)

"The Assembly states, if you agree, that it has not changed the basic policy and our goals. We want freedom and a state for the Serbian people and complete separation for all time with Muslims and Croats. " (Momcilo Krajisnik, June 1995)

"We also created adequate reserves with the Srebrenica problem and we did it in the period in which we estimated that the international community would not react immediately after the events that took place in Western Slavonia, and we went exclusively because that was one of the strategic decisions is in line with the best possibilities with minimal losses by maximum rationalization and use of forces at a time when the same Drina Corps was giving a brigade on the Sarajevo battlefield and when we did not bring Ministry of Interior units or units from other areas of responsibility except Drina Corps units." (Zdravko Tolimir, August 6, 1995)

"As the supreme commander, I stood behind the plan for Zepa and Srebrenica, for Srebrenica in general, Zepa was taken for granted. Gentlemen, we would lose the war if there was a Zepa with 90 thousand armed Muslims, we would lose the war. I personally supervised the plan without the knowledge of the General Staff, not hiding but accidentally encountering General Krstic and advising him to go straight to the city and declare the fall of Srebrenica, and later we will chase the Turks through the woods. I approved both a closer task and a radical task and I do not regret it." (Radovan Karadzic, October 15, 1995) .''


1. Srebrenica Memorial - "Genocide papers" reveal shocking details of the debate of the National Assembly of the RS from 1991 to 1995

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