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"Because of much manipulation, lying, fabrication about how many soldiers died in Dobrovoljačka Street, it's time to say exactly how many died, and only I can do that. In the Dobrovoljačka Street, they attacked one medical vehicle and one soldier, Tomović Zdravko from Han Pijesak, three Colonels: Sokić Miro, Radulović Budimir and Mihailović Boško. One lieutenant colonel, Jovanović Boško and one woman, Muslim Šuko Nurmela were killed... So, six people died out of 261. It seems, that these in Belgrade lost their patience because more of us did not die, so they started spreading the lies about the Dobrovoljačka Street, which is the most shameful thing that one could hear." Milutin Kukanjac

Tags: Serbian agression, Dobrovoljačka, Milutin Kukanjac, JNA, Slučaj Dobrovoljačka

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