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For the first time in video form, through the use of relevant documentation, testimonies, interviews and statements of prominent Bosniak, Albanian, Croat, Serb and Montenegrin intellectuals, genocide researchers, genocide survivors and descendants of genocide victims; tell an untold, complex story of genocide perpetrated against Bosniaks and other muslims (Albanians) from Lika, Dalmatia and Banija through Herceg Novi, Cetinje, Sjenica, Kolašin, Užice, Šabac, Nikšić, Plav and Gusinje, Šahović, Lim Valley, Bihor, eastern Herzegovina, Podrinje.

This is a very important documentary that brings together in-depth information about the centuries-long doctrine which resulted in genocide against Bosniaks throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sandžak and other Balkan countries. The documentary "Bosniaks - genocide in continuity" covers a time period from the 17th to the 20th century.

Tags: Genocide, Bosniaks - genocide in continuity

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